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What is trading on Forex?
Forex trading, currency trading or Fx trading is buying a currency while selling another currency. When trading currencies, one currency is always exchanged for another. The end goal may be one of those listed below (but it could be another one as well).
  1. Exchange currency A (eg USD) for currency B (eg EUR) for travel.
  2. Exchange of currency A (for example, USD) for currency B (for example, EUR) for conducting commercial and trading activities.
  3. Exchange of currency A (for example, USD) for currency B (for example, EUR) for the purpose of speculation, in order to make a profit.
In view of the above (and many other reasons), the Forex market is by far the most liquid and most volatile market in the world, with a trading volume of over $ 5 trillion per day.
What is the essence of Forex trading?
Basically, Forex trading is the exchange of one currency for another. The client sells one currency for another at the current market price. To trade, the client must open an account and deposit some money in currency A, after which the client exchanges currency A for currency B – either for a long or short period. The ultimate goal is different for long-term and short-term investments. Forex trading is carried out with currency pairs (i.e. the quote of one currency is given relative to another). The first currency in the pair is called the base currency, the second is the quoted one. For example, EUR / USD 1.2345 quote represents the price of the euro expressed in dollars. This quote means that 1 Euro is 1.2345 USD. Currency trading is conducted 24 hours a day, starting from 22:00 GMT Sunday to 22:00 GMT Friday. Trading is carried out in the largest financial centers of the world – London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.
What affects the price of currencies on the Forex market?
The prices on the Forex market (currency quotes) are influenced by a wide range of factors, but with confidence we can say that the main factors include 6 ones. These main factors (listed below) play the largest role in pricing and can be called the main driving forces in price changes in Forex.
  • Difference in inflation
  • Difference in interest rates
  • Current account operations deficit
  • National debt of the country
  • Business climate in the country
  • Political and economic stability
To better understand the above 6 factors, it must be remembered that currencies are traded relative to one another. Therefore, if one of the currencies falls in value, the other rises, and the price of one currency is expressed relative to the other.