Safety of client funds is our priority!

Despite the fact that PBO Invest operates in countries that are not part of the EU, the company is guided by international law in its activities, in particular, complying with the MiFID * standards (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).
* The MiFID Directive is part of the European Union's plan to create a pan-European market for financial instruments and services. It sets out the provisions that govern the markets for financial instruments, in particular - the derivatives market (including CFDs). The main objectives of the directive are: strengthening consumer protection of investment services, increasing efficiency in the provision of investment services, and financial transparency.

PBO Invest performs a number of requirements:

Negative balance protection

In case market volatility does not allow the client to keep a positive account balance, PBO Invest automatically restores its level to zero without requiring compensation from the client.

Market leading insurance coverage

PBO Invest has implemented Liability Insurance Program with the limit of EUR 5,000,000. It includes market-leading insurance coverage in the event of fraud, error, negligence and other risks that could lead to financial loss of customers.

Human-proven reliability

Since its foundation in 2015, PBO Invest has been actively developing, growing and improving for you. The number of PBO Invest clients is constantly growing and has already exceeded the 200,000 mark.