Benefits of soft commodities trading

on up / down trends in market prices
on falling prices using "short" positions
to the world economies in seconds
charged by exchanges

Popular soft commodities

Investing in commodities that are traded in contracts, is a reliable way to reduce risks even in case of inflation or economic uncertainty. They protect both the buyer and the seller of contracts from strong price movements that lead to large losses.

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What are commodity markets?
Commodity markets are markets where individual groups of goods and raw materials are traded. The commodity is usually not present on the exchange, and the trading takes place in futures and options contracts. Currently, about 70 types of exchange commodities are objects of international trade. They account for about 30% of international trade. These goods include: metals (gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum), soft commodities (coffee, sugar, corn, soybeans, wheat) and energy resources (oil, gas, heating oil) … Unlike the Forex market, which does not have a specific location, transactions in the commodity markets are carried out on special commodity exchanges. The largest commodity exchanges:
  1. New York Mercantile Exchange – NYMEX (CME Group), which trades, but is not limited to, natural gas, crude oil, gasoline
  2. Chicago Mercantile Exchange – CBOT (CME Group) where grains are traded
  3. London Metal Exchange – LME specializing in non-ferrous metals
  4. ICE Intercontinental Exchange – Specialized in Energy
Commodity markets are subject to seasonal fluctuations, economic cycles and news, making them more predictable.
Why are products from PBO Invest ?
  • The widest offer of Commodity market instruments – Oil, Gold, Copper, Gas, Coffee, Soy and much more
  • Low spreads
  • No commissions
  • Trading platforms suitable for professionals and beginners
  • Comfortable and flexible conditions: choose the type of spread and the method of execution that best suits your trading system
  • Fast and high-quality execution of trade orders
  • Ability to hedge open positions
  • Automatic position adjustment (rollover) – if a long position in commodities, indices or stocks was not closed before the expiration date of the contract, the most liquid market contract is used to close it
  • Ability to trade advisors
  • Convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds