Tips for traders

How to trade on financial markets with PBO Invest ?

Tips for Beginner Traders

  1. Accept the possibility of losing your funds as an inevitable fact . Every novice trader should understand that no one is insured against losses in the foreign exchange market. The basic rule of thumb in currency trading is that the profits are much larger than the losses.
  2. Participate in trading only with a clearly defined plan. When starting trading, you should determine how much of your own money you are willing to risk and how much profit you expect. This will be your risk-reward ratio. Successful traders never enter a trade without a clear understanding of their purpose.
  3. Do not be afraid of the foreign exchange market. Many newbies are overly concerned about the uncertainty and risks in the Forex market. For those who can overcome themselves and delve into all the advice of traders, Forex offers truly unlimited opportunities in terms of increasing their capital.
  4. Responsibility for decisions made. Successful traders never relinquish personal responsibility. You can take into account any advice of experienced traders, but all responsibility for the trades, regardless of their result, will rest solely with you.

Last tips for the forex trader before starting

  1. Take your time. Newbie traders often open several trades and then find themselves unable to follow them. In Forex, you can make a profit both when the exchange rate rises and falls. You can successfully earn only on one pair of currencies. Therefore, focus on one currency pair first and master the rest gradually.
  2. Remember your stop order. Incorrect money management is a common cause of losses. Be sure to use a stop order to avoid huge losses.
  3. Trading system. Each trader has his own trading system, which he adapts specifically for himself. Some traders prefer the day trading system, while others are attracted to longer periods. The main thing is not to deviate from the planned trading plan and pay attention to the advice of more experienced traders. Several unsuccessful trades do not always indicate that your trading strategy is unprofitable.
  4. Taking profit. A common mistake of novice traders is early closing of profitable positions. Do not deviate from the intended trading plan. This will keep you from losing potential profits.

How to start trading?

  • Register in your personal account and open a trading account
  • Download the trading terminal or go to WebTerminal
  • Enter your account details to log into the platform
  • Fund your account in any convenient way
  • Start making money in the financial market
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