How to open an account in PBO Invest ?

Ready to start making money on financial markets? Regardless of what asset you are interested in: Forex, Stocks or Cryptocurrencies, the first thing you need to do as a trader is to register your Personal Account and open a trading account.

Trader’s Room features

Accounts management
Access to transactions history
Funds deposit and withdrawal
Funds investing
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Account type for beginners

Which account type to choose for a beginner trader?
After choosing a terminal, you need to decide on the type of trading account. If you want to open an account, but are not ready to work with large sums, you can start with the Mini account. It is available on all platforms and will enable you to access markets with support from PBO Invest . If you are already an experienced trader, then we recommend opening Standard and Classic accounts. Learn more
What currency to open a trading account in?
It is better to open the first trading account in one of the popular world currencies. After gaining sufficient experience, you can select a different base currency for your new trading account, if necessary. USD The US dollar is the most popular currency to trade in Forex. An additional advantage of the dollar account for beginners is that most of the training materials are focused on working with USD. EUR Euro as the base currency of the account is convenient for residents of the European Union – you can deposit or withdraw the earned money without additional conversions. However, this currency is not as commonly used as the US Dollar.
What is leverage?
Leverage is a way to expand your trading opportunities using borrowed funds. It is usually expressed in terms of the ratio of borrowed capital to your own. For example, a leverage of 1: 5 means that you have an amount available for trading that is 5 times more the amount of your own funds. On real accounts, beginning traders are advised not to use leverage of more than 1: 100.
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This means that you have already defined the type of account, its base currency and selected a trading platform. Open an account
How to deposit?
Log in Trader’s room and follow the menu the following way:
  1. Funds management
  2. Input/Output
  3. Make a deposit
Choose a payment system convenient for you and complete the transaction. The replenishment will be displayed in the “My Accounts” section of the Personal Account and in the interface of the trading terminal. Login to My Account
How much money do you need to start trading in financial markets?
To start trading, it is enough to deposit the minimum amount of replenishment – 250 USD, but if you want to receive tangible income, this amount will not be enough. For the maximum allowable investment in trading activities at the initial stage, you can take 20% of the amount of your financial savings. It is not recommended to invest more funds until you have acquired solid trading skills.
Why do you need account verification?
The verification procedure is provided to increase the level of protection of your funds and your Personal Account. Verification is a prerequisite for working with PBO Invest . In addition, clients who have confirmed their personal data receive a “Welcome Bonus” and monthly accruals of up to 10% to the account balance, and can also participate in the “Cashback” program.

Which trading platform should you choose?

Before starting your journey in Forex and other financial markets, you need to choose the main tool of a trader – a trading terminal.

Web Trader

  1. Easy-to-learn platform. Suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  2. Intuitive interface.
  3. The terminal is available on any device from any browser.

PC Trader

  1. Fixed terminal for market access. Suitable for home use.
  2. Intuitive interface.
  3. A promising platform, interest in which is steadily growing.

Mobile Trader

  1. Compact, but no less functional mobile version of the trading terminal.
  2. Access to all tools from a mobile device on any operating system.

How to start trading on financial markets?

What are financial markets?
Financial markets are global trading platforms where some economic instruments are exchanged for others. A striking example is the Forex market, where the monetary units of one country can be exchanged for the currency of another. People who make transactions in financial markets in their own interests are traders. The main goal of their work is to make a profit from transactions in trading instruments. Later on this page, you will find out what you need to take your first steps in the financial markets and grow to an experienced trader with your own investment portfolio and a unique trading strategy.
How do traders earn?
A trader’s earnings is the difference in the price of an asset between the moments of its purchase and sale. It sounds easy, but to implement this scheme, you need the ability to predict the growth or decline in the price of a financial instrument and trading practice.
What do you need to start trading?
To start trading on financial markets, you need to register a Trader’s Personal Account and open an appropriate account, having decided on the choice of a trading terminal, the base currency of the account and the amount of leverage. Open account
Which instrument to invest in?
A wide range of popular assets is open to PBO Invest clients: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks – more than 150 instruments in total. Choose 1 asset or diversify your investment portfolio by investing in several assets at once – each trader decides for himself. Along with everything, the company provides an opportunity to receive advice and analytics from a personal manager.
How to buy and sell in financial markets?
Types of transactions: Buy (long position, BUY) When opening such an order, it is assumed that the asset rate should rise. Sell (short position, SELL) An order is opened when a trader expects a fall in the rate of the traded instrument.
How to open a deal?
  1. Select the currency pair you are interested in.
  2. Click the “New order” button on the trading terminal panel, set the trade volume, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  3. Click Buy or Sell, whichever direction you choose for the trade.
Congratulations! Your deal has been opened! Now you have to observe the change in the rate of the instrument used and later close the deal according to your chosen trading strategy.
What is a trading strategy?
A trading strategy is a set of rules by which a trader is guided in his work. Each investor forms his own tactics, choosing a method of analysis (fundamental or technical), the duration of transactions (short-, medium- or long-term) and additional instruments (trading signals and automated strategies). An individual trading style can only be developed in practice, by studying the behavior of attractive assets and adopting the experience of professional traders. Start Trading

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This means that you have already defined the account type, its base currency and selected a trading platform.
Open account